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English for Afghanistan



NTM-A   /   CSTC-A

Afghanistan National Security Forces

International Security Assistance Force

English Language Training Program




Doc Holley, Chief, Mobile Training Team



                                                                   Doc Holley at the Ministry of Defense, Kabul AFG



NATO article by Doc Holley - READ !     International Security Assistance Force publication.




Defense Language Institute article by Doc Holley - READ !






                                                       General Zerzai, AFG Air Force & Doc Holley, Kandahar, AFG






Mission: Transition Afghan Instructors to Take Lead in English ...저장된 페이지

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2012. 1. 20. - By Dr. Ronnie L. Holley... Training Centers are now serving as mentors to the Afghan contract English language instructors. ... staff colleges of partner nations and attend advanced technical training, such as flight training.


     Afghanistan Foreign Language Institute, Kabul, AFG









Presidential Palace Compound, Kabul AFG











 National Military Academy of Afghanistan, Kabul













NATO Air Field, Mazar e Sharif, Afghanistan














       Afghanistan Air Field, Jalalabad, Afghanistan














Shindand Air Base, Shindand, Afghanistan
















Old Queen's Palace grounds, near Kabul, AFG